The March 21st,2019 Meeting with Richard Kos

The March 21st, 2019 Meeting

with Richard Kos




At the March meeting popular VFFA member and fly-tying tutor Richard Kos will be our guest speaker. Kossy has been a keen fly fisher for many years, and a particularly successful one too. He is a discerning angler who is constantly experimenting and trying new ideas and methods and has developed his skills over many seasons.

On the water he is persistent and determined, often catching fish when others don’t. Over the years he has built up a range of strategies and techniques that work for him and is always keen to share his ideas with others. Accordingly, he has suggested that his talk at our March meeting could be entitled “some proven strategies for catching more trout”. So, come along on March 21 and support one of our members who will undoubtedly entertain and educate us with some great ideas.

We would encourage all members to join us for a meal beforehand, but PLEASE make a booking for dinner by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 20, by phoning 0498 254 497 and leaving a message.