The February 28th, 2019 Meeting: ‘Liar’s Night’

The February 28th, 2019 Meeting:

‘Liar’s Night’


The photo on the right was provided by Adam Royter. No untruths required here – a fabulous pic of a leaping South Island trout. Our thanks to Adam.



Yes – a return to tradition – the first meeting of the year being a review of the successes of some of our members over recent months.

Plans are afoot, and many of our members have had interesting and challenging fishing experiences over the holiday period. Some have fished New Zealand, others have cast a fly or two in the lakes and rivers of Tasmania, and of course our local waters have been visited too. Some of our friends have done well, others have found it hard going with fish seemingly scarce or at least quite uncooperative. But we can share all of these stories with fellow members and learn from both the successes and disappointments.

Chris Gray, Kevin Finn and Bill Fary are organising the final list of speakers.

Be assured this will be a good night – a welcome opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues and hear up to date reports on what was good and what was hard.

We would encourage all members to join us for what will undoubtedly be a great start to the year, but PLEASE make a booking for dinner by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 27, by phoning 0498 254 497 and leaving a message.