Columbia Clothing

The VFFA is proud to offer its Members a range of Columbia clothing especially designed for maximum comfort when fishing.

All items are available in a range of sizes and colours, and will be on display at VFFA General Meetings. For ordering refer to brochure.

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VFFA Glasses

The VFFA has a very innovative and energetic marketing man. Kevin Finn who organizes the stocks and is always on the look-out for new items to attach a VFFA logo to and sell to members. Thus, we have badges, caps, shirts, polar fleece jackets, cloth badges for fishing, ties, and even a fine BBQ apron decorated with the VFFA logo.

And the latest addition in Columbia Clothing, fine sets of wine glasses or whisky glasses. These are of excellent quality, and come in a set of six, for the modest sum of $40 per set. An excellent gift – for yourself, spouse or colleague.

Book “The Country For An Angler” (the History of the VFFA)  ………. $45.00 each
Book “Geehi to Great Lake”  ………. $70.00 each
Association ties (blue or maroon)  ………. $35.00 each
Cloth badges  ………. $7.00 each
Diaries  ………. $2.00 each
V.F.F.A. car stickers  ………. $2.00 each
Book ‘’The Australian Trout’’ by Jack Ritchie  ………. $20.00

Members wishing to purchase any of these items should contact Kevin Finn prior to the monthly General Meeting on email to order