May 21st Meeting with Cameron Westaway from NSW Fisheries

Attend the meeting by Zoom from your home

Cameron will be our guest speaker for the May meeting. He is Senior Fisheries Manager Inland for the NSW Fisheries and will be keen to tell us how the New South Wales trout fishery is travelling these days, including the measures the NSW fishery managers are taking to preserve and improve the trout fishing there, particularly at this time when the coronavirus has affected so much of our lives.

This will again be a Zoom video presentation, commencing at 8:00 pm. Because of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 our guest speaker will not be able to speak to us in person at our scheduled meeting on May 21. Instead, our president is organising for Cameron to make his presentation to us using the Zoom computer video conferencing application that will enable us all to see and hear Cameron on our laptops or home computers or iPads whilst sitting at home.

Not quite the in-person presentation we would prefer, but a very worthwhile alternative. No travel, no parking costs, and no long trips home afterwards, so our country and other members who don’t live in Melbourne will be able to enjoy Cameron’s presentation without the travel issues.

Members need to note that some days prior to May 21 Terry Rogers will email us all with detailed instructions on how to log in to see Cameron and hear his presentation. Those who listened to our April speaker, James Laverty, will agree that it was a simple process to make the connection and the April presentation went really well.