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Members should be aware that the VFFA has an extensive library consisting of over 450 titles and that these are available for loan. The books are housed in the little room adjoining the main dining room at the Kelvin Club and can be borrowed at monthly meetings for a period of one month. We are very fortunate to have this collection which has been built up over many years by successive members.

This is an exceptional collection and ranges from very early volumes of great historical importance to recent writings of some of Australia’s best fishing authors. The oldest is a rare edition of The Complete Angler (Sir John Hawkins Third Edition, 1775), and famous English writers –F.M. Halford, G.E.M. Skues, J. Waller Hills and others are very well represented, as are many respected American authors. Our wonderful Australian writers from Howard Joseland and Dick Wigram through David Scholes, Don Gilmour and to our own Philip Weigall are all there with many others.

There are several instructive books on fly tying and the ever-changing use of materials and ideas for imitations, and these are not just confined to freshwater patterns but also to saltwater flies. Budding entomologists will find plenty of choices also. There are numerous books on specific waters in Australia and New Zealand that are well worth checking out before your next trip.

A complete catalogue of the books contained in our library with listings as to Title and Author is now on our website. If you do wish to borrow books or simply browse through the library then come a little earlier than usual to the monthly meetings. If you are unable to do this then contact me and other arrangements may be made. It is proposed to make the library a ‘working library’.

It may be that we do not have a particular book that you are interested in reading. It is the intention of the Council to bring the library up to date and if you have any suggestions for new books let me know and consideration will be given to purchasing these. It is hoped that a video section of the library can be put together in the future.

Some of the older books are extremely valuable. Many have been generously donated by former and current members. It has been decided not to place any restrictions on borrowing these and it is expected that members taking them out will respect this trust and show appropriate care for books whilst they are in their possession. Books borrowed will be entered in a book and must be returned on a monthly basis unless some other arrangement is made with me or the assistant librarian.

John Pilkington, Librarian

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