July Meeting with Bernard and Jason

The July Meeting with Bernard and Jason

Thursday July 15th 8pm

Note: Newsletter mentioned July 17th, that was wrong above date is correct!

Bernard and Jason are good friends. They fish together often on the rivers and creeks around the Black Spur and Marysville area. They have fished the streams there every season for many years. And they catch a lot of fish. They know this area and its streams intimately, and as their photos on Facebook suggest, they are quite adventurous – frequently hiking into some heavily forested areas.

They are keen to tell us how they do it. Their presentation will focus on successful approaches to fishing small streams including getting to know a fishery, learning how to appraise the prevailing conditions, selecting locations and places to fish, and preparing the right gear for small streams.

They will also discuss tactics for smaller waters including how to remain undetected, how to cover water, how to determine likely feeding behaviour, and how to make sense of the entomological calendar and hatches and thus make appropriate fly selection. They will discuss the challenges of casting on small streams, fly presentation, targeting prime fish, and will add some thoughts on mental preparation and fishing outside of one’s comfort zone.

They look forward to some lively discussion on these topics and encourage questions and debate amongst their fly-fishing fraternity.

We need to inform the Kelvin Club of numbers for catering purposes, so members who plan to have dinner prior to the meeting need to email Terry Rogers to indicate their intention to dine prior to the meeting. Terry’s email address is terryrogers@bigpond.com